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Dominate Your Local Area With Your Very Own High Quality Free Community Paper
Your very own local paper, 'through the door' of every household in your catchment area
Dominate your local area, elevate your agency brand, freeze out your competitors and become THE 'go-to' agent for new instructions.
 Engage regularly and directly with your local audience
 Freeze out your competitors and increase new instructions
 Enhance your credibility and brand recognition
 Cover the costs of the publication through advertising revenue
 Dominate your local patch - becoming the only choice!
 Become THE 'go-to' agent and grow your business
Secure your local publication now and freeze out your competition
We only work with one agent in each catchment area, so secure your patch now before your competitor does!
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Through the Door of every home in your area

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Here are some of our digital editions

Newspaper-Trailway Issue 1

The Coast (20K Print Run - Bournemouth )

The Quay (12,000 Print Run - Poole) - Issue #1

The Grove by (10,000 Print Run - Southbourne)

The Grove (10,000 Print Run - Southbourne) - Issue #2

The Grove (10,000 Print Run - Southbourne) - Issue #1

The Hill (8,000 Print Run - Penn Hill & Parkstone) - Issue #2

The Green (10,000 Print Run - Ashley Cross) - Issue #14

The Green (10,000 Print Run - Ashley Cross) - Issue #13

The Green (10,000 Print Run - Ashley Cross) - Issue #12

The Green (10,000 Print Run - Ashley Cross) - Issue #10

The Green (10,000 Print Run - Ashley Cross) - Issue #9

The Green (10,000 Print Run - Ashley Cross) - Issue #8


Frequently Asked Questions

As part of all of our publishing option, the estate agent partner gets SIX pages within the magazine to do with as they like. Some agents use this space for listings, some for local area market information, some for sales and marketing information or even competitions, charity info or local publicity. It's completely up to you, however, we'll work with you to define and create the content you provide and integrate it into the publication. Other parts of the program allow you to name the publication, have your contact details and logo on every editorial page, write the readers welcome content and display your information in other key areas.
We ask all estate agent partners to commit to a year at a time. That's a minimum of 6 issues (one every two months). If you want to do more or less frequent publishing, we can customise the program to suit your needs, but the minimum commitment is still to a a full calendar year at a time. If you come to the end of a publishing period and do not wish to continue, that's fine. However, we may continue the same publication in your catchment area with another estate or letting agent, as is the case should you close your business, merge with another agent or rebrand.
Depending on factors such as size, print-run quantity, frequency, and customisation, your publications investment levels and revenues vary. It costs between £2,500 and £10,000 to cover the cost of editorial, design, printing, delivery and distribution, but rewards in terms of revenue is scalable with the costs and advertising pricing is therefore unique to each agent paper. Location also makes a big difference in terms of advertising pricing, so in all cases, we work with you to develop the pricing model to best optimise the costs and revenues.
According to the latest market data and analysis, if your business is not spending at least £350 per week on online and social media advertising, you will not achieve Return on Investment (ROI). This is because the digital marketplace is very competitive and over-subscribed, driving prices up and results down. Market data also shows that campaigns with print elements, not just digital elements, delivery up to 16 times more on ROI, so the indication of the importance of print is established. Add to that the uniqueness of a publication; no pop-up ads, no distractions, focused content and no noise and you'll see that print is very much alive and a huge part of successful marketing and advertising campaigns.
Yes, of course! As part of our print publications, we offer digital marketing services too. For each issue you publish with us, we provide you with an online version, which can appear on your website, a dedicated publication website and be used to link to for social media purposes.
We have been publishing agent papers with estate agent and letting agent partners for many years. Over that time, we have developed a model that guarantees ROI and builds towards optimising costs and maximising revenues with the first few issues of any publications. We also guarantee ROI and put in place many sensible measures to demonstrate it. From your point of view, new instructions and enquiries is a key indicator. Your own publication will help you to dominate your local area in that regard. For publishing models that offer part or all of advertising revenue, there are many other measures, built around the publication success in financial terms and also in brand building, publicity and awareness.
As far as the production of the magazine goes, no time at all, as that's our job! You will have to find some time if you are handling the advertising sales, but most agents that sell their own adverts usually handle this within the normal day-to-day operations, in less busy times and by utilising their own existing business contacts. Every estate agent or letting agent knows Lawyers, Accountants, Architects, plumbers, electricians, local retailers, marketing and design agencies, privately-run school, builders, sign-writers etc etc, so finding local advertising support might not to to hard or time-consuming to find. We also encourage advertisers to sign-up to a years worth of advertising at a time, which helps to optimise the sales process and reduce the time is takes to complete the advertising sales.
You can pay with a credit card, Paypal, Stripe, cash , bank transfer, Chaps or any other method you like.


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